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/dusts off age-old journal

Well, since this one is the less embarrassing of the two, let's start there! (My main online presence these days is Tumblr, so feel free to browse that if you want to. Tags are self explanatory. I basically abandoned LJ/DW six years ago, which I do feel a bit bad about.)

Thank you very much for deciding to write a fic for me! I've been a writer for a long ass time now and exchanging fanworks for any reason has always been a sort of event that holds a special place in my heart.

That said, I've never participated in Yuletide before, so I'm very uncertain as to how this particular thing goes. (As such, I apologize if this letter is awkward and stilted and unnecessarily brusque.)

I'm pretty easygoing about all the fandoms I requested, but I'll go into a little more detail about my specific mindset for each of them after the likes/dislikes section here:

world building
canon divergence (explained further below)
adventurous sex (basically just check the nsfw tag on my blog and you'll get an idea~)
mild bdsm (dom/sub, sensory deprivation, fisting, bondage, etc.)
praise kink
oral fixation kink
domestic snapshots
growing-old-together trope

character death
abuse/excess violence (in situations outside of the canon presented)
high school/college/coffee shop/hipster AUs

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (2015): Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo

I requested Illya/Napoleon because Illya/Gaby squicks me the hell out for a lot of reasons and that influences my tendency to shy away from the OT3. So, as long as you stay away from that dynamic, you're golden!

I'd definitely prefer a canon-centric story, but if you have a fantastic idea for an AU (preferably not aging them down for high school/college/coffee shop/hipster stuff), then go for it! Action-adventure and espionage is my bag so you really can't go wrong with the universe already provided.

I see Illya as a very intense personality. Driven, loyal, and always experiencing the extremes of emotions. He'll love completely and utterly, or not at all. (I could go on for days about his BPD and the trauma of his early life contributing to his lifelong PTSD/KGB-instilled triggers for his episodes, but we'll save that for another day.) I love it when he's protective of Napoleon, I love it when he's exasperated with Napoleon, I love all of it.

Napoleon is very hollow. He's been bribed and manipulated and lorded over for so long now that he's holding onto his individual autonomy by a very thin thread. And that's what makes him so fixated on presenting the man-about-town persona that we see throughout the film. He dresses well and speaks well because those are ways of clinging to his autonomy that the CIA hasn't yet managed to wrest from him. I love seeing Illya helping him reclaim his autonomy, and gradually helping him fill in all that hollow nothingness that his enforced service left behind.

TL;DR: two broken trained killers finding a kindred spirit in one another and helping each other reclaim what they both lost at the hands of their handlers is my ultimate weakness.

MAN OF STEEL (2013): Jor-El/General Zod

Haha. My favorite old (dead) gay aliens.

There was so much potential! The genetically predispositioned military leader struggling to save his species (and going about it all wrong) while the scion of the Science Guild attempts to do the same. If they'd just combined their efforts, they might've won together.

I'd love a canon-based AU here. Maybe pre-movie, maybe an AU of the movie itself where Jor and Dru survived (Dru-Zod is the general's given name, but if you're writing for this one, you knew that already~). I'd just love to see the upright military-bred soldier slowly learning that there is more to life than giving and taking orders thanks to his heretic of a scientist friend/boyfriend. Maybe he ends up paired with Jor via the High Council's orders instead of Jor being paired with Lara? And is suitably pissed about it since what the hell is he supposed to do with this soft scientist who's never even seen a pulse rifle, let alone handled one. (If you get bonus Lara/Faora in there somehow in the background, I'll probably flip.)

LEGION (2010): Michael/Gabriel

I am all about the angel incest however convoluted it is, lemme tell you. It's been five years and I still can't believe how much homoerotic tension these two managed to stir up.

Collars! Roman-esque armor! Wings that can serve as weapons and shields! This movie was a veritable smorgasbord for my angel kink. I have no real pointers for this one, since I'll literally be happy with anything (so long as it stays within canon). I am supremely partial to Michael gently domming Gabriel after his resurrection and Gabriel wrestling with his shaken faith, so you could take that for a vague prompt and expand on it.

THE HOBBIT RPF: Richard Armitage/Lee Pace

I don't really have many specifics for this one either. I'm one of those people who definitely believes these two are together and happy and healthy, so you can throw anything at me and I'll be happy as a pig in mud.

AUs are alright if there's an idea in your head that just won't pipe down, but I do prefer real world settings. Could be during the Hobbit filming era or after that, maybe when Armitage went up to Canada to film Hannibal, or anything else you deem a viable setting for a good story. :)

And that, as we say in this town, is a wrap! Thank you so much again for writing me a fic (you honestly have no idea how excited I am to read it) and I can't wait to see what sort of yarn you end up spinning. ♥
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