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Kay ([personal profile] aeon_entwined) wrote2009-12-15 02:18 am

Right ....

so I haven't updated in like FOREVER. D:

I suppose it might help to transfer a few things from my regular LJ over to here ... and I shall start with an epic KARL SPAM! :D
This shall be followed, at some point in the near future, by what fan fiction I've written. Seeing as this is going to be my fic journal/art/random journal. which is basically what my LJ is but shhhh

Alright you lot ... forgive me for having a fangirl moment, but this actually has context. I've recently obtained a copy of Star Trek 2009 (aka J.J. Abrams' work of genius) and I've been diving right back into the fandom as if I'd ever left. And it just so happens I have a HUGE weakness for Leonard McCoy. Especially when Karl Urban is playing him.

So, in honor of this newly acquired item ... HAVE A KARL SPAM!!!!! :D
Warning: Aforementioned spam may possess the capability to break your Internet. Proceed with caution.

And, just so it doesn't look like I'm being unfair, here's some vintage GQMFs from TOS:

Deforest Kelley hell yeah! <3